Filing an insurance claim
Imagine how you would feel if your home was burglarized. How would you recover your losses in the event of a house fire? What information would you have at your fingertips to support a valid insurance claim? The first item any insurance company will ask for is a list of your personal property. This includes descriptions, costs, serial numbers, photos, receipts as well as what room they are located in. At, we make it easy to create a home inventory report and even easier to access it when you really need it!
Important Documents
How fast can you locate the deed to your house, marriage license, insurance policies, birth certificate, resume and any other important document? At, you can have access to all of your valuable paperwork in the time in takes you to log into your account. Upload digitized documents and print them online if you ever need a copy. We create a safe place your documents and your property at
Creating a will
Creating a will can be complicated and time consuming. With our online estate planner, you can decide who gets what and help determine each item's overall appraised value. At, you can create an estate plan in minutes and even send a copy to your attorney with just a few clicks. A home inventory can help you plan for the future.
Moving to a new home
Current studies show that the average home contains over 15,000 personal items. This can make moving to a new location an overwhelming task. That's why provides an online moving planner to organize and help pack up all your belongings. Our moving planner will let you know which items are in each box, print packing labels and assign boxes to certain rooms in your new place. You can even print lists for the movers.
Having a garage sale
If you've ever had a garage sale, you know how much time it can take to organize and price your items. We offer a free Garage Sale Planner with each account. Simply pick the items from your home inventory that you want to sell, enter prices and print labels. It's a lot easier than writing it out by hand.
Selling items online
Most of us have one or two items that we'd like to sell or donate but not a lot of time to do it. We offer a way to sell your personal items online, safely and securely. Our online storefront is free with each account. It's safe because it allows you to sell your items online annonymously. It's secure because anyone can search for items without knowing the identity of the Seller.
Keeping track of receipts
If you're like the average person, you may have a hard time keeping up with all of your purchasing receipts. Simply scan your receipts using most home scanners and upload the converted image file which can be directly attached to the item you are cataloging in your home inventory report. At, you can pull up any receipt at a later time to view online or print out a hard copy.
Cataloging a valuable collection
A home inventory is the best way to protect a valuable collection. Our online home inventory let's you store valuable information about your collectibles as well as archive photos and video. Track purchasing information and appraised values along with photos and video, which are essential for showing the condition of each item.
Managing a home office
If you operate a business in your home, you know how important it is to keep good records. Our online home inventory tools can help you itemize your business costs for financial planning and tax purposes. Protect costly items like computers and office furniture in case they are damaged and need replacing.
Protecting family photos
An insurance policy cannot replace your treasured family photos and video but we can. Just create an account and upload your most precious digital media for safekeeping. If anything should happen to them, you can easily reprint or download them from your account.

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