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Return Policy

HomeInventory.com supports its online service with a 100% money back guarantee in the event that the Customer is not completely satisfied and submits a request for full reimbursement of the registration fee within thirty(30) days of the initial purchase date. The Customer can submit this request by completing the service cancellation form online. The Customer can click here to access this online form.

HomeInventory.com will reimburse the Customer the cost associated with service selection made at their initial registration.




Shipping Policy

HomeInventory.com is an online service which does not sell or ship tangible products to its users. However, in the event that HomeInventory.com would offer its Customers related products for sale, the following Shipping Policy would apply.

Each purchase on HomeInventory.com would enable the Customer to select a desired shipping method and an approximate cost would be provided online based on their selection. In the event that the item purchased was not received within the designated time frame and the Customer has proof of the delayed delivery, HomeInventory.com will reimburse the Customer the shipping cost of the related purchase.




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