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Spam Policy

Spamming is defined as the sending of unsolicited commercial email. WebAtWork has a no-tolerance spam policy. We send email notices to existing or prospective customers who have supplied us with their email addresses. We may also send emails to any third party, such as an insurance agent or attorney, approved by our customers. For example, any customer has the option to send their home inventory report to their insurance company or lawyer via email through their HomeInventory.com account.

If you have received an unsolicited email from HomeInventory.com, please contact us at support@homeinventory.com or call us at 1-888-603-9533. If applicable, please also unsubscribe from our newsletter using the link at the bottom of the email if you no longer wish to receive emails from the HomeInventory.com.

We send emails under the following circumstances:

   (a) you are an existing customer

   (b) you represent an existing customer as a legal or insurance agent

   (c) you have requested information about HomeInventory.com services

   (d) you have given HomeInventory.com your email address

   (e) your email has been given to HomeInventory.com by one of our customers




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