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Ask Yourself These Questions Yes? No?
1. Have you ever suffered a loss due to fire, flood, earthquake or robbery? 
2. Do you know exactly what the personal property inside your home is worth? 
3. Have you recently upgraded any electronics or appliances in your home? 
4. Have you recently remodeled your home? 
5. Are you an expert at using Microsoft Excel? 
6. Can you produce a full listing of your personal property including photos, receipts and serial numbers in less than five minutes? 
7. Does your insurance agent have access to your property information as soon as you change it? 
8. Have you ever created a home inventory report before? 
9. Do you keep important receipts for major purchases in one place? 
10. Do you have photos of jewelry and other fine valuables? 
11. Can you calculate the amount of coverage you may need for electronics only? Or just appliances? Or even one room? 
12. Do you live in a flood, earthquake, or tornado zone? 
13. Do you live farther than five miles away from the nearest fire department? 
14. Do you have a will or plan to draw one up soon? 
15. Have you purchased any high ticket items that are out of warranty? 

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