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What if your customers could be more empowered during the claims process? Having the ability to create a home inventory report they can email directly to you can make client management a breeze. Buying blocks of our home inventory reports gives your customers the online tools they need to properly manage their personal property. Simply register online using your license information and select the volume purchase price that works best for you. We'll supply you with the customer accounts that you can hand out to your existing customers or use as a powerful selling tool for prospective clients.
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Give Your Customers
Online Tools!
  • Give select customers login information to activate their account.
  • Customers create and maintain their own home inventories online.
  • View their photos and receipts, item by item.
  • Print their reports for your files or view them online.
  • Add more blocks of customer accounts as your business grows.
Customers need more to feel connected to the process.
Get New Clients With
Better Service!
  • For every five clients you refer, get one report free to boost sales.
  • Receive email alerts when client reports are updated.
  • Get referals from customers looking for insurance quotes.
  • Manage customer accounts online and print valuable reports.
  • Use our mobile tools to get information on the run.
We can give you the edge you need to improve sales.
Process Customer
Claims Faster!
  • Approve or deny property claims by each line item.
  • Process claims with serial numbers, photographs, and receipts.
  • Recieve client home inventory reports in your email account.
  • Print inventory reports in PDF or Excel formats.
  • Export your home inventory report in PDF or Excel formats.
Let our home inventory reports do most of the work for you.

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