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Five Layers Of Security
   In a day and age where identity theft is so prevalent, we take extra measures to protect your personal property information. We utilize several layers of online security to make sure you're the only one who has access to it. Our security system includes Login Authentication, Data Access Filters, Audit Trails, Information Links and Data Encryption.

We also help you create a secure password during the registration process.

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Logging In Is Just The Beginning
   When you create an account at HomeInventory.com we help you create a secure password. Once you're email has been verified and you log into your account, we continue our security behind the scenes making sure that you are still logged in. We also make it easy to change your password periodically in order to maintain the highest level of user authentication.
Our Data Is Secure
   We use one of the most advanced and secure data frameworks available today. All data access requests pass through system filters and only allowable data sets are exposed and returned to the you while you're online. We also maintain an audit log which helps reconstruct with accuracy the changes made to your home inventory. The audit log contains the date, time, user who made the change, the value before the change, and the value after the change so that personal property item information related disputes can be corroborated.
We Don't Leave Online Footprints
   Data Encryption is the methodology by which information sent between a browser and web server is scrambled through various algorithms in order to prevent someone from eavesdropping (or sniffing) in the communication and potentially observing the transmitted information. Clearly this is a major issue for communication over public networks, since there is no control over who can see the information on the open net. To combat this issue, HomeInventory.com fully supports and utilizes the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

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