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Plan Your Next Garage Sale Online
   We offer some exciting benefits that let you use your home inventory for more than just filing insurance claims. Our garage sale planner makes having a garage sale a breeze. Simply select the items from your inventory you want to sell and price them online. Once you're all finished, you can organize items and print labels. When the sale is over log back into your account to calculate your profit based on what sold.

The next time you plan to have a garage sale, plan to create a home inventory first.

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Take The Stress Out of Moving
   Moving can be one of the most stressful times for anyone because there's so much to pack and organize. Now you can use your home inventory to help your move run smoother. At HomeInventory.com, you can place items in virtual boxes, assign them to rooms in your new home and print labels for your actual boxes that will include an item list.
Use Our Estate Planner To Prepare For The Inevitable
   Most of us spend a lifetime accumulating valuable personal property and need to determine who will get what when we're gone. Use your HomeInventory.com Estate Planner to make it easy. Simply add beneficiaries, select items to bequeath to them, and print a list of your special gifts.
Calculate Coverage & Get Free Quotes Online
   After you create a home inventory report online, you can elect to receive free insurance quotes based on your personal property. This way you'll get a customized quote that will help determine how much coverage you need. Your personal information remains concealed and will not be shared with competing insurance companies.

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