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Be ready to file an insurance claim.
  • Use your home inventory to bolster an insurance claim.
  • Know the exact value of your property.
  • Upload item photos to show condition.
  • Upload receipts to prove original purchase prices.
  • Send a copy of your inventory to your insurance agent online.
Take the stress out of moving your stuff.
  • Use your home inventory to organize your next move.
  • Pack items and print packing labels online.
  • Designate where each item will go in your new home.
  • Print inventory lists for storage containers.
  • Donate unwanted items to local charities.
Become your own estate planner.
  • Use your home inventory to identify items to give away.
  • Determine which of your loved ones gets each inventory item.
  • Send a copy of your gift list to your attorney.
  • Print copies of your gift list for your beneficiaries.
  • Use your gift list as an addendum to your will.

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